Our Kindergarten programs are full of rich language, differentiated, hands-on learning. NATURE/LITERACY JOURNALS will be a focus in this pod. Open-ended exploratories in nature, coupled with weekly fine motor and writing skills, literacy, mathematical & scientific reasoning activities. Social personal development is a big focus in our program; problem-solving skills, turn-taking, practicing compassion and kind words are key. Other aspects of our Kindergarten include:

  • Kindergartners also complete independent work and exploration in the classroom, along with parental commitment to nightly reading practice and sight words at home, as a supplement to school.
  • Nature Kindergarten pod will receive 1 ½ – 2+ hours per day of small group & 1:1 guidance; outdoor nature walkabouts – both structured & unstructured are also included, as well as differentiated classroom table and group activities.
  • Milestone assessment performed by a highly-experienced teacher. Quarterly Report Cards will be issued. Individual conferences are held virtually on a case-by-case basis, if needed. Daily parent-teacher communication; homework and class work folders sent home regularly along with reading material.
  • Cat Sun utilizes a *Math Their Way* curriculum. Nature archiving, curation, and categorization is contextualized via regular outdoor walk-a-bouts.
  • Catoctin Sun Nature Kindergarten is licensed through MSDE as an educational preschool & kindergarten program; parallel learning between the two groups occurs daily.
  • Our school’s Reggio Emilia philosophy encourages Kindergarteners to offer “helping hands” when appropriate, while interacting alongside younger children.
  • Interpretation of the Common Core into a hands-on, nature-based program is key. We teach to the child, not to “the test.”

Schedule & Pricing

Full Week – Monday through Friday

9:15am – 1:30pm
$242/wk or $968/m

Our Class Offerings