Catoctin Sun’s Maple Tree pod of elementary learners will attend two days per week, to offset the isolation of full-time virtual learning at home. Maple Tree pod will provide a social-emotional booster, breaks, snack, fresh-air, and 1:1 teacher time.


The Maple Tree pod was designed for parents needing blocks of uninterrupted time to work from home.

This program will:
• Monitor & check-in with your child as they work virtually at Cat Sun
• Encourage and check use of your child’s daily planner to meet goals
• Support in attending virtual classroom meetings, projects, and schoolwork
• Encourage & monitor social-distancing measures & mask-wearing
• Provide additional school-age implements, including reading material, art/painting and crafting, games & activities, nature walkabouts, and other enrichments
• Break times for “brain-breaks”, hydration, and fresh air & green space
• Support each child in use of their personal (family provided) Chromebook/Wireless Hot-Spot
• Social-emotional interaction – connect with other children -in person!

Daily goals include:
• Demonstrate effort & ability to accomplish daily school tasks via personal planner
• Participation in on-line class meetings
• Check-off daily class assignments (additional homework may be completed at home)
• Inspired by Character Counts, and the compassion of Mr. Rogers.
• Exercise and activity in large, grassy fields and under mature, shady trees
• Outdoor classroom time

Schedule & Pricing

Tuesdays and Thursdays

9:00am – 3pm
$90/wk or $360/mo

Add 1 or more sibling for just $75/wk each or $300/mo each