Kindergarten Attendance Requirement

Kindergarten attendance is mandatory for children who are 5 years old as of September 1st each year, however there are provisions in the regulations that allow you to extend your child’s education and receive credit for Kindergarten.

Exemptions to Kindergarten Attendance Requirement

A child who resides in Maryland and is 5 years old by September 1st shall attend a public or nonpublic kindergarten program regularly during the school year before entering first grade UNLESS the child is enrolled in an alternative program setting; this includes full-time in an MSDE-licensed child care center’s academic program. Catoctin Sun Nature Preschool can fulfill this requirement!
MD Regulation Reference.
MSDE Memo Regarding Kindergarten Attendance.

Parents Must Notify FCPS or Your Local School System

Parents may be asked to submit:
  • Your intention to enroll your 5-year-old in an alternative program.
  • Some school systems may have a form to be completed.
  • Verify enrollment in an alternative program by providing the following information about the program:
    • Program Name: Catoctin Sun Nature School
    • Address: 2 Chapel Place, Walkersville MD 21793
    • License number: #161318 (renewal date: 2022)
  • Additional info: The following year, before enrolling in 1st grade, Catoctin Sun provides parents with proof of attendance, including the enrollment date (Sept 2020) and an Attendance Record.
  • NOTE: A Kindergarten parent can always change their decision and enroll their child in public school kindergarten later in the school year. Contracts can be offered one semester at a time if requested.
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